Nina’s Favorite Thing – Nina Ro’ti and J Mac – Bootylic

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Fellas, say hello to Nina Ro’Ti, our latest big-bootied cutie. Nina, if you hadn’t noticed, has a lot of junk in her trunk. In fact, she has so much junk in her trunk that her jean skirt is totally overmatched by her caramel apple bottom. Not that we mind one bit. If skirts were meant to fit, there wouldn’t be big-bootied chicks. Don’t argue with us, this is science. Nina’s feeling both sexy and horny right now, so we decide to introduce her to a good friend of ours to tend to her womanly needs. “He has a big job to fill,” Nina says with a smile. He does, but our friend JMac is adequately equipped for this task. “I like that,” JMac says as he gropes and jiggles her ass. JMac is playing with her ass and sliding a finger or two into Nina’s cunt, and she’s getting excited. “You’re getting a little wet,” he says. Soon, Nina’s cunt will be soaking wet. She sits on JMac’s face and he devours her pussy like he’s in a pie-eating contest. Then, she hops on top and works his cock like the pro cock jockey she is. But when JMac takes control, fucking her doggystyle and on the side, Nina is pushed to an orgasm. JMac pulls his cock out, and Nina licks her juices off his meat until he’s ready to blow. When JMac finally does bust, he gives Nina her favorite thing: a hot and creamy facial.