Kazuki Slams Into Tomohisa’s Booty – JapanBoyz

Kazuki climbs onto the bed with a curious Tomohisa, who asks what kind of guys he prefers to fuck. Younger guys? That is the right answer. Tomo responds that he likes to get fucked by all types, and that’s not such a bad response either. Formalities over and down to the fun! Tomo nibbles Kazuki’s nips as the lean top kneels in front of him on the bed.rnrnAs they strip off their undies, Kazuki is already sporting a bright red cockring and a woody. It pops out of the top of his jockey shorts and right into Tomohisa’s greedy mouth. He works it up to an even more impressive erection licking from nuts to tip, and Kazuki gets into the act by guiding Tomo’s head onto the rockhard pole. Kazuki wants a taste of the younger boy’s prick and gobbles it down before moving his attention to the smooth tight asshole. Tomo’s pucker quivers and throbs with each lick of the smooth velvety tongue.rnrnKazuki works his cock into Tomohisa’s hole as Tomo smiles anxiously and groans with pain and pleasure. As Kazuki starts pumping, Tomo’s intense sensation turns to pure pleasure and he gasps for breath. He has to stroke his cock along with each hard thrust. Kazuki rolls them over so Tomo is riding his cock, and helps in the effort by bumping his pelvis up against Tomo’s muscular butt cheeks. Their bodies slap together harder and they have to separate to jerk out their loads.rnrnLying together on the bed, Kazuki is first to turn onto his side and spray Tomohisa with a splatter of hot sticky cum. Tomo is really horny too and spurts out a puddle onto Kazuki before they kiss.