Booty Shorts with Leonela Ahumada

Argentinian International model Leonela Ahumada comes out on top in this seductive video from producer Mariano Rocca. Some say that the clothes make the woman, and to see Leonela in a sheer lace top and panties, wed have to agree “ but if you ask her, its all about the curves. Thats what matters, she says. I like busty girls “ you know, like me! Slipping out of her top, our blonde-haired, blue-eyed Latina does a sensual little striptease “ and one pair of leopard-print shorts and a G-string later, shes fully, deliciously nude. You dont have to book a ticket to Buenos Aires to get an eyeful of the beautiful Leonela “ lucky for you, shes ready and willing, and right here on Playboy.