Adrienn Levai in Sandy Booty – PlayboyPlus

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International model Adrienn Levai will get your pumping with this video from producer Joel London. Adrienn wears a bikini very well, and this little red number is no exception—she’s sexy, she knows it, and she’s more than ready to take things to the next level. “I love when a guy or girl is confident in their sexuality,” she explains. “I like guys who are sporty, but not too much muscles—like a surfer guy. Everybody thinks I prefer to be single because of my lifestyle, but I would like somebody to chill with in my free time.” Better work on those abs, guys—in the absence of a longboard, we’d all do well to impress a woman like Adrienn. “Keep watching me on Twitter using hashtags #TuesdayTease and #FriskyFriday,” she says. “Playboy Plus often posts my selfies!” Treat yourself with beach babe Adrienn Levai, right here on Playboy Plus.